The Who

I am the mum of two young, wonderful and messy kids. I have realized I want to create a community of like minded mothers who need some time and space for themselves, "a room of one's own". In an increasingly isolated world, a little bit of community goes a long way!

This project is about providing beautiful eclectic items for all women, and for kids. It is about helping someone find and do something beautiful and creative, to bring some difference into the daily life of a tired and sometimes stressed mama. 

I sometimes need an outlet, because I am not only mama.I wear many hats, all the time, sometimes many at once! and I know many mothers do. We all need some time to focus on ourselves, it helps us to be better to and for the people around us!

We also spend a lot more time in our homes now (thank you COVID), so why not make them the heaven of coziness, or luxury, we can enjoy and bask in! A retreat from the world!

So, I hope you find something fun, creative, interesting, or practical here! Thank you for shopping and please share your experience or your projects with us!